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“Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”.

Langley Vineyard has an almost 30 year history of ministry in the downtown core of Langley, of which has changed and grown through many different seasons. We meet as a small, close knit community every Sunday and gather to worship and learn more about God. 


We are a part of several social justice initiatives, including Langley’s food bank, the Friendship Centre, a non-profit housing society, and monthly community meals to host and embrace the homeless population of Langley.

As a community, we have weathered a journey throughout the years, certainly not by our own strength or might. As in the life of any community, there are those mountain top experiences, and there are those lonely times experienced in the dark of the valleys. Its in these times we are reassured of his great love and faithfulness.


Throughout these times, we've come to know his presence in even deeper ways than when He first brought us into existence. We are committed, in joy, to seeking Him always, His face and not just his hand, trusting him to fulfill whatever he calls us to in producing lasting fruit for God’s glory and the glory of His Kingdom.

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