Sundays at 10:30am on Zoom

Welcome to Langley Vineyard’s Zoom Sunday Gathering!  We're excited you're thinking of joining us!  

To join our Sunday Zoom gathering click on the link below. This will bring you to an online waiting room at which point a host will connect you! 


Click the link and follow along with during our Gathering for this Sunday.

How our Zoom Sundays look:

  • Gathering Room opens @ 10:15 am 

  • Gathering begins @ 10:30 am 

          ◦    Welcome and brief introduction

          ◦    Share a brief Liturgy / scripture

          ◦    Prayer 

          ◦    Worship (either live or through Spotify/YouTube)
          ◦    Communion 
- Have some juice & bread ready
          ◦    Brief reflective 

          ◦    A time of open dialogue, sharing, ministry 

          ◦    Prayer 

          ◦    Close/Benediction/Hangout

In all it will run a little more than an hour - we always want to be sensitive to what God may be doing in our midst.  
It might seem a little strange at first but what you’ll see and hear are live feeds of each individual that is joining us in the gathered space.

To limit background noise and conflicting speakers during the gathering time, please mute yourself by pressing the microphone icon on your screen. 

Don’t worry about coming late - we will have a host admit you to the space and you’ll be discreetly added to the gathering as things may already be in motion. We’re just glad you could make it!